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My Story

My name is Lisa. I am a Southwest Herb's certified herbalist with a Master's in Business Administration. I was born and raised on the West Side of Detroit, MI, surrounded by strength, love, and resilience. An artist from birth, I've always had a passion to create, heal through the creation of natural remedies, connect through the creation of art, express through the creation of dance. I grew up in a God-fearing family, which shaped who I am today. God used many people to mold me and to them, I am forever thankful. My mother was called home on March 12, 2018. My deep emotional pain manifested physically. Through my journey of grief, I reconnected with God in a way I had never experienced. I developed a deeper connection, acknowledgement, and appreciation for the love He's shown us through His works here on earth. Because herbs, vegetables, and fruits can replenish themselves (with proper gardening) and God stated they are to be used for food and medicine (Ezekiel 47:12), I believe that He gave us a constant source of healing that should never run out. Through my knowledge in Christ, personal experience with holistic healing, and love of people, I am walking in my purpose.

In loving memory of my mama, Robin Thomas & my other angels whom God called back home.

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