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Mixture of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and cleanising herbs that may help relieve irritated skin tissues, lubricate and nourish.



Feminine Queen Yoni Steam Blend

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  • ○Chamomile

    ○ Calendula

    ○ Oregano

    ○ Chamomile

    ○ Dandelion Leaf

    ○ Rosemary

    ○ Rose

    ○ Hibiscus

    Traditional Process: Add 1 cup of herbs into boiling spring water (should be enough water to fully cover herbs) for 5 minutes. Turn off heat and allow herbs to infuse in water (covered with lid) for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour water and herbs into Yoni Bowl or Steam. Steam for 15-30 minutes.

    It is recommended not to steam during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

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